• Tuesday, May 1, 2018

    A Spark is Born

    While developing a paper detailing the necessity of Augmented Reality in Facilities Management, Rida Klink met Leonardo Garcia. He proved the increased efficiency that AR brings, and together found that the problem to implement AR was the availability of data. The answer was thus the creation of a 3D Information platform for Operations & Maintenance accessible to all, on the web, in Building Information Modeling format: Wiretwin.

  • Tuesday, January 1, 2019

    Building Intelligence

    After setting up a plan to collect a facility's missing information and display a 3D BIM model on the web, Artificial Intelligence came into the spotlight - bringing along its accuracy and speed. Its role would be to take a building from data nothingness to contextual everything, without any human data input. And because AI is a magical solution, Leonardo and Rida needed a magician that would translate a rough plan into an architecture. That's when they met Jade Ghadry.

  • Wednesday, July 1, 2020

    The Luxembourgish Connection

    While choosing the perfect place to incorporate, Augment needed a mature real estate industry open to innovation, and a highly innovative environment. For that, there is no better place than Luxembourg, with its strong startup ecosystem, and the Luxembourg City Incubator.

  • Friday, January 1, 2021

    Connecting reality

    During the pandemic, and as Augment was in R&D, a question was brought to light. With all of us at home, how are facility managers managing their facilities? With Wiretwin, information sharing was already going to help make facilities more efficient. But what if we could also control and monitor our building directly from the 3D model? Or connect any object to this virtual twin? With Wiretwin bringing data to a facility, multiple software modules can be directly activated on the model to manage any aspect of a facility. Meet the Cloud Modules.

  • Saturday, January 1, 2022

    Release the Kraken

    As of March 2022, Augment proudly presents its disruptive 3D software suite, integrating everyone (facility managers, tenants, technicians, etc…) on a single platform: Wiretwin, for information management & sharing in BIM format - Cloud Modules, the first BIM-based Hypervision system.



Rida Klink

Founder & CEO

Jade Ghadry

Co-Founder & Head of Software

Leonardo Garcia

Co-Founder & Head of C.T.R

Filipe Campos

Junior Full-stack Developer



Each employee contributes to the elaboration of Augment’s culture, making you feel accepted, respected and safe. We believe in, and foster diversity, valuing you as a contributing member of the company.


At Augment, we are persistent and restless. Our determination is solid and is the very engine of our success. We are a highly professional team willing to provide you the highest quality of solutions, which has no limits.


We aim at preserving the integrity of our relationships with you by applying and respecting a strict data privacy policy. By doing so, we believe it can improve your decision-making process and give you rich insights on our benefits.


Innovation is Augment’s powerhouse and represents our ultimate competitive differentiator. we are always on the look-out for cutting- edge technology to implement, are proactive and disruptive. To meet your quality needs, we focus ourselves on being relevant and bold.


To us, knowledge is the only thing that grows once shared. We strongly foster a knowledge-sharing culture that benefits all stakeholders by empowering you with an educative system that includes open sources of information.


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