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The Story Behind Augment

Based in Luxembourg, Augment is a startup that aims to change the way facilities are managed. At Augment, our mission is to bring Facility Management into the digital era through innovation and collaboration, with the purpose of empowering facility managers by providing them with an efficient and user friendly information platform.

Our Product

What We Build

Augmented Information Model*


A three dimensional model of an existing facility serving as a data platform that will display all relevent information. This information comes from the client facility’s existing documents and from the centralized Augment database.



What We Can Offer


All Your Facility, All in One Place

The Augmented Information Model and its back-end software allows for a better organization of data. Centralizing all of the latter under one digital platform will drastically decrease the time spent looking for information by providing a one-stop data center for facility managers.


No 3D, No Problem

If the client facility doesn’t have a 3D model, Augment will take care of doing so. The creation of the 3D model based on the existing physical facility will be performed using state-of-the-art technology, while automatically adding layers of information using Artificial Intelligence.


Easy to See, Use, Share

Augment adopts a user-centric development approach, with simplicity being at the core of every developed system. The digital model proposed by Augment will be an interactive 3D model with information that can be easily shared, which will be made possible by using a standardized database structure and export tools that will allow greater interoperability with other existing softwares.


Access Anywhere, Anytime

Augmented Information Models will be cloud-based, which makes them available for viewing on any device with internet access. Accessible through a web browser, an Augmented Information Model requires no software installation. In addition, they are supported for viewing using Augmented Reality, which leads to better data consumption.


Your Data on Your Software, Not Your Keyboard

Augment’s data collection process makes it easy to digitize your data. Our engineers make it easy to import in your software, and skip the manual data entry process.


Keep Your Model Updated

Augment proposes an Augmented Information Model hosting pack. It includes storage of the model on Augment’s servers and customer support services in both technical support or data updates.


Your Data, Enhanced

Information will be compiled with everything that’s available about the facility, and whatever’s not there will be complemented by Augment’s stock databases that contain additional data about equipment and maintenance guidelines.


What You Can Benefit From

Decrease Facility Management Cost

Collect Facility Management Data

Increase Maintenance Efficiency


Case Study

The Beirut Explosion

The August 4th blast in Beirut, Lebanon, can easily be described as the first of its kind and a national tragedy. Around 2,100 tons of Ammonium Nitrate shook a city and a country down to its foundations, bringing the infrastructure to its knees, and the economy to a standstill. But nobody knew that the feeling of powerlessness would do most of the damage later on.

3D Beirut Article

Articles and Mentions


Tuesday, May 25, 2021

The Beirut explosion: drone mapping for recovery

The Beirut explosion was a human and economic tragedy. The slow recovery process started with assessing the damage.

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Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Beyrouth, le défi d’une start-up luxembourgeoise

À la tête d’Augment, Rida Klink a réussi une double première: obtenir de l’armée libanaise le droit de survoler Beyrouth avec des drones, et que les données de sa start-up soient en open access sur son site dès lundi pour aider la reconstruction, l’aide d’urgence et la recherche.

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Thursday, April 29, 2021

Looking down on horror

Augment is a small Luxembourg-based company with employee roots in Lebanon. When the Beirut explosion happened, the Augment team knew they had to go to help.

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