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Be ready for the future of facilities management with the most intuitive all-in-one 3D database for your buildings.


Data Capture


Wiretwin Production


Wiretwin Handover



Data Capture

We collect all existing documents for you & scan your facility by gathering existing digital documents, paper documents, and BIM models to consolidate every possible piece of information about a facility. Wiretwin will look for missing data about your facilities and complete the database with the help of Augment’s comprehensive database.


What is Wiretwin?

Get your buildings ready for the future of facility management with the most intuitive all-in-one 3D database.

Wiretwin is a web-based, 3D cloud facility powered by a database & data management interface that gives you, facility managers & owners, complete control over your facility and its data - all in BIM format.

With Wiretwin you can connect all your software to a single database, automatically update all your data, easily share information and benefit from AI powered data services all along the lifecycle of your building - saving you a lot of time and stress while optimizing your facilities management.


Data Management

Access and manage your virtual facility’s data at the tip of your fingers and make any changes in real-time throughout the entire ecosystem.


Virtual Facility

Wiretwin will let you to navigate through your virtual facility and access data from a 3D model, allowing you to easily manage information. The intuitive interface will allow you to manage different modules in an entirely unique way.


Document Digitisation

Piles of documents represent the current building documentation standards, which are scattered across multiple platforms and media. However, disorganisation with data is very common and we all know how gathering information is time-consuming, leading to expensive consequences. With Wiretwin, we’ve got you covered.

Advantages of Wiretwin


Digital Data Room

Own your virtual facility, allowing you to update your real property inventory throughout the entire lifecycle of your building.


Cut Facility Management Costs

Get your own shareable e-database for your facility, reducing your O&M costs by 12%. & maintenance response times by about 30%.


Healthier Facilities

The availability of data allows you to optimise O&M workflows, increasing your building's lifespan by nearly 15% which velds friendlier and healthier facilities.


Ease of Use

Facility owners and managers get their own cloud 3D model. while tenants and technicians get AR mobile apps to help them manage and see information about their environments.


Faster Data Entry

Where typical facility management software take around 16 months of manual data entry to start working, our Al does the same job in 3 weeks – saving you incredible amounts of time.

Wiretwin allows you to manage your data and easily share it across all your contacts & teams.




Existing Data Digitisation


Maintenance Schedules Automatic Generation


On-demand Accessibility


Data Centralisation


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